ag官方拥有良好的资深设计研发团队,团队成员次要于中国科技大学,浙江大学等闻名高校,掌握深沉的专业知识配景,积聚了丰厚的设计履历及乐成案例。针对客户提出的技能目标,每个项目标设计从呆板人体系集成使用到行业主动化办理方案,ag官方以字斟句酌[zì zhēn jù zhuó]的态度和共同的设计理念,提供国际化的品格和最优的办理方案。

ag官方是一个以企业为主体、市场为导向、产学研相联合的技能研发系统的构造,并建立了产业主动化研发中心,在技能研发、产品创新、体系使用及主动化办理方案上取得了抢先竞争上风。公司退职员工43人,此中拥有大专以上学历程度的职工到达96%以上,此中研发团队12人,具有初级技人为质有2人,硕士研讨生3人,机电项目工程师6人。针对客户提出的技能目标,每个项目标设计从呆板人体系集成使用到行业主动化办理方案,ag官方以字斟句酌[zì zhēn jù zhuó]的态度和共同的设计理念,提供国际化的品格和最优的办理方案。

Anhui Scully Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise with integrated application of robots as its core, and is committed to promoting flexible automation solutions and practical industrial 4.0 intelligent factories. The company is located in Fuyang City, one of the eastern gateway cities planned to be built in the Central Plains Economic Zone. It is located in Fuyang Economic Development Zone with a registered capital of 20 million yuan and an area of more than 12,000 square meters.

Scory has an excellent senior design and research team, whose members are mainly from famous universities such as China University of Science and Technology and Zhejiang University. They have a deep professional knowledge background and have accumulated rich design experience and successful cases. According to the technical specifications proposed by the customers, the design of each project ranges from robot system integration to industrial automation solutions. We provide internationalized quality and optimal solutions with a continuous improvement attitude and unique design concept.

Scory is an organization of technology research and development system with enterprise as the main body, market as the guidance and combination of production, study and research. It has also established an industrial automation research and development center and has obtained leading competitive advantages in technology research and development, product innovation, system application and automation soluti。